Rafael Nadal : "Maintenant, j'accepte les défaites de façon différente"


Rafael Nadal : "Maintenant, j'accepte les défaites de façon différente"
Rafael Nadal : "Maintenant, j'accepte les défaites de façon différente"

Rafael Nadal spoke about how his approach to the professional tour has changed over the years. The Spaniard said: "When you are professional, not everything is great but we have many people who take care of it, it's well-organized and plus, you have a lot of communication so the future is guaranteed.

You still have tough moments on the professional tour because you cannot spend time with your family and friends, so you have to enjoy free weeks in between. When I was younger and I lost matches, I wanted to be back on the court.

Now I learned to enjoy myself in the tournaments. Although you are helped by a team, sometimes you feel for not being with your dearest ones." Nadal was asked what he would have done if he did not have success in tennis: "I would like to be involved in sports.

You need to be respectful and educated people first of all, and in the majority of sports having a team spirit and education is something important. Sports give it to you. Tennis is a single sport but if you are not able to work in team sports, you struggle." On the difference between failure and success, he added: "In sports, the loss happens every day.

You go through it. You need to be prepared. If you win, you have to play the following day so you cannot be too excited. If you lose, either, because you have to play a tournament over a few days. You need to feel for the loss, but you have to be able to accept it and work to improve. For me, the failure is that I did not do what I had to in order to win a match."

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