Novak Djokovic sera aussi aimé que Roger Federer dans quelques années


 Novak Djokovic sera aussi aimé que Roger Federer dans quelques années
Novak Djokovic sera aussi aimé que Roger Federer dans quelques années

In an interview, the former world No. 7 Barbara Schett commented on the Wimbledon crowd cheering Roger Federer during the Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic. The German said: "The reason why Novak Djokovic was not clapped in the end like Roger Federer did is because of his lack of naturaless.

Like when he ate grass. Novak is not like Federer. I was on Sunday in the Champions Dinner of Wimbledon. Novak had a very nice speech and suddenly everything was good again. But Federer is the number one crowd favorite. He is the oldest player, he achieved so much, no one can be like him from a human point of view.

And in the semifinal against Rafael Nadal, Federer had almost the entire crowd on his side. That confirms what I have been experiencing in the last years: people love older guys. When Novak is 37 years old, things will be on his side.

Same thing with John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors back in the day. As a man gets closer to the end of his career, there are more fans. But that's why Djokovic has won. The environment was incredible." In an interview to Sky Sport ahead of the Umag Open Fabio Fognini spoke about his next goals.

The Italian player, who has just achieved his career-high ranking at No. 9, said: "I want to play well on hard courts until US Open. In New York Flavia made you dream, instead I made you laugh so far. Now I play on clay and then in some tournaments that will make me being ready in New York.

In order to improve this ranking position you struggle a lot. In the US Open my goal is to win the first round match as I was not too lucky in the past."

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